Maverick’s Birdies for Education Blog

Struttin’ Birdies Louisiana Style

Hello from Louisiana! TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki Hello from the Lafayette, LA Airport! I’ll start with the bad news first: I missed the cut […]

Birdies for Education Reaches Japan!

Thanks to Mr. Mori Yutaka for bringing awareness of the Birdies for Education campaign to Japan!

Rocking Lakewood Ranch, FL!

Hello from Lakewood Ranch, FL! TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki What a week to finish off my nearly 6 week long road trip!! I recorded […]

Toughing it Out in Panama

Hello from Panama! TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki Thank you for your support in Panama‚Ķ I overcame a four-over-par first 9 holes to finish at […]

Making Birdies from 8,000 ft. Up!

Hello from Bogota! TeamMaverick and TeamCurriki- Thank you for your support in a third successful week for Birdies for Education‚Ķ This week I […]

Birdies for Education Going Strong in the Bahamas

Hello again from the Bahamas! Thank you all for your support this week at Abaco. I finished in a tie for 15th (my […]

Starting out: The Bahamas Exuma Classic

  Week 1: Mic’d Up at Exuma To TeamMaverick & TeamCurriki THANK YOU! I wanted to write to thank you all for an […]